Crime and criminologists

What does a Criminologist do?

There were three main schools of thought in early criminological theory spanning the period Crime and criminologists the midth century to the mid-twentieth century: Conduct Thorough Research Research is a major part of what a criminologist does.

The concentration is also useful for many groups in the criminal justice field due to the wide scope of applications for criminology knowledge as well as the variety of advancement opportunities that may be available with this expertise. Philosophers within this school applied the scientific method to study human behavior.

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These theories have generally asserted that criminal behaviour is a normal response of biologically and psychologically normal individuals to particular kinds of social circumstances. Larine Hughes found a correlation between economic pressure and how it combines the "American Dream" and "Individualism" to a high crime.

Compose Reports Criminologists work from both statistical and analytical standpoints to compose reports that illustrate the nature of crimes and their research findings. For example, certain neurotransmitter imbalances in the brain e. It therefore suggests that the only way to reduce crime is to limit the interaction of those who have the same biological and psychological traits as much as possible.

Chicago school sociologists adopted a social ecology approach to studying cities and postulated that urban neighborhoods with high levels of poverty often experience breakdown in the social structure and institutions such as family and schools. They also look for answers by studying the socio-cultural, economic, and global roots of crime, the meaning of crime, and crime Crime and criminologists, and by measuring criminal activity and its impact on criminals and on society as a whole.

Believe it or not, today, there are drug dealers that use elementary school age children to sell and distribute drugs and some children are actually taking loaded guns to school. It is a field that tries to identify patterns in complex systems and works in tandem Crime and criminologists other disciplines to make society safer.

The research of both Quetelet and Lombroso emphasized the search for the causes of crime—a focus that criminology has retained. In the s, Park and Burgess identified five concentric zones that often exist as cities grow, including the " zone of transition ", which was identified as the most volatile and subject to disorder.

The Classical School of thought dates back to the beginnings of criminology. Career opportunities in criminology There are many exciting career opportunities to those interested in criminology. This school developed during a major reform in penologywhen society began designing prisons for the sake of extreme punishment.

They use their knowledge of psychology and criminology to shed light on what happened during a crime and the potential cause. Over time, several schools of thought have developed. Criminal acts may result when youths conform to norms of the deviant subculture. The Classical theory of criminology suggests that people commit crimes when they believe the benefits of the crime outweigh the possible costs.

Conducting research, composing reports, is just a small insight of what a criminologist does. Twins are more likely to exhibit similar tendencies toward criminality if they are identical monozygotic than if they are fraternal dizygotic.

In addition, they are better able than poor people to avoid being incriminated when they do violate the law. Interacting with antisocial peers is a major cause. Compose Reports Criminologists work from both statistical and analytical standpoints to compose reports that illustrate the nature of crimes and their research findings.

Other researchers suggested an added social-psychological link. Researchers have found that poorer neighbourhoods, where families frequently move from one location to another and where there is a relatively high proportion of single-parent households, tend to have higher crime rates.

Beyond these broad psychological theories, it is sometimes argued that crime is associated with certain mental conditions. He found age, gender, poverty, education, and alcohol consumption were important factors to crime.

They can also work in tandem with police departments, investigators, corrections facilities and other groups to provide insight into why crimes are committed. The Positivist theory suggests that things such as poverty and a lack of education result in higher crime rates; therefore, crime may be reduced if educational and employment opportunities are presented to individuals with socio-economical disadvantages.Criminologists ask, “What drives a person to commit a crime?” They examine data to see if there are correlations between the geographic areas people live in, their socioeconomic status, their social groups and other factors and their propensity to commit crimes.

Spivak noted that, as was the case in Dayton, in some cities violent crime is down while opioid overdoses have increased, raising questions about a possible connection.


In essence, criminologists look at every conceivable aspect of deviant behavior. This includes the impacts of crime on individual victims and their families, society at large, and even criminals themselves.

Criminologists have also examined and attempted to explain differences in crime rates and the criminal code between societies and changes in rates and laws over time. Convict criminology is a school of thought in the realm of criminology.

Convict criminologists have been directly affected by the criminal justice system, Global Criminology: Crime and Victimization in a Globalized Era (I ed.). Boca Raton, Florida: CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group. The core job of a criminologist is to examine all aspects of crime and find ways to prevent criminal behavior and reduce recidivism.

Criminologists gather statistics and identify patterns. They look at types of crimes as well as demographics and locations.

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Crime and criminologists
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